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Leading the industry in carbon capture CDST (Carbon Dissociation Technology). UR ONE INC. patented technology has set the highest bar with it's unwavering commitment to quality, performance and exceptional cutting edge GHG dissociation technology. Through our extensive years of research and development, we offer the best-in-class carbon capture technology commercially available today: the lowest cost per ton of carbon captured (under $5USD/ton) AND the lowest operating costs in the industry, less than 2% of nominal rating of system. Example, when the system is installed on a 240MW power station the UR ONE only requires roughly 3MW to operate. CDST (Carbon Dissociation Technology) captures only elemental carbon, sulphur and nitrogen; oxygen is released back into the atmosphere.

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Our Story

It started by observing accelerated growth of plants in a green house, and turned into the most advanced carbon capture technology offered anywhere in the world!

Our technology has been refined and developed over 20 years of constant iterations. We have the only DE-Sublimation technology to extract carbon and other GHG elements from the combustion of Biomass and fossil fuels, including Oil, Gas, Coal. At extremely competitive capital & operating costs.

Installations in Central Asia dating back to 2008 have confirmed our data on power requirements and running costs.

 The simplicity of our process eliminates the need for sequestering of CO2 which in turn reduces the electrical & thermal energy required. Eliminating these additional steps (used in traditional CCS) increases reliability of our system and decreases operational complexity by reduces operating power and steps substantially! 

Costs such as permitting, pipeline, eminent domain, and agreements with various stakeholders are all eliminated.

As well we don't need to transport by pipeline and sequester CO2 gas underground.



DE-Carbonizing the world one carbon element at a time!

UR ONE INC., offers scalable adaptive industrial systems to remove any oxides from your combustion process. The system is a one step approach, using the most advanced technology available today, all in house at your facility. No need to sign adjacent agreements with other stake holders. A unique straight forward approach to CDST (Carbon Dissociation technology). The ability to capture not only carbon, but other GHG's using one system, including NOx, and SO2.

The three main greenhouse gases as compared to carbon dioxide are:

  • 1 x – carbon dioxide (CO2)

  • 84 x – methane (CH4)

  • 298 x – nitrous oxide (N2O)

  • SO2, although not a GHG, can harm the earth's oceans, lakes,  and soil by increasing the acidity, thus damaging Eco-systems around the world. 

  • The UR ONE eliminates all of these gases, by Dissociation of carbon, sulphur, nitrogen collecting and reusing them if, so desired.

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