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    The Gold Standard In Capture Carbon Technology

Great people. Incredible ground breaking technology!

UR ONE INC., offers scalable adaptive industrial systems to remove any oxides from your combustion process without chemicals! The system is a one step approach, using the most advanced technology available today; All in house at your facility. No need to sign adjacent agreements with other stake holders. UR One offers a unique straight forward approach to CDST (Carbon Dissociation Technology). UR One gives our customers the ability to capture not only carbon, but other greenhouse gases (GHGs) using one system; including Nitrogen (N), Oxygen (O2), Hydrogen (H), and Sulphur (S) by separating NOx, and SO2.

The three main greenhouse gases as compared to carbon dioxide are:

  • 1 x – carbon dioxide (CO2)

  • 84 x – methane (CH4)

  • 298 x – nitrous oxide (N2O)

SO2, although not a GHG, can harm the earth's oceans, lakes, and soil by increasing acidity, thus damaging ecosystems around the world. 

BOTTOM LINE:  UR ONE eliminates all of these gases, by dissociation of carbon, sulphur, hydrogen, and nitrogen; collecting and reusing them, if so desired.

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DE-Carbonizing the world one carbon element at a time!

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