Test Results , Case Studies, Fullerenes, Carbon Black

We have installed capacity to build systems that can treat emission gases from a 300MW power plant with room to grow!  The UR One system would require the lowest power requirements of any technology in the world, that treats CO2! Our demonstration system is being installed right now, and will be ready for demonstration by October 2021.

The UR One demo facility has been established as an in-house sales and demonstration test facility for new clients in Canada and USA to observe operations first-hand to verify the technology is every bit as revolutionary as we claim. They will be able to perform analysis of on-site data with their emissions by simulating their plants emission profile! 

Flare Gas test results.jpg

Flare gas test from an oil well

Testo 350 Sensor

Data plot of 4 readings. Top two are from gas before processing

bottom lines are registering almost no CO, CO2 after processing.


UR ONE system consisting of 4 PODS

with 2 element collection units

Modular design to accommodate any size installation

Allotropes of Carbon

Material analysis from low temperature refining combustion coal .